This is where all the magic happens! Having the opportunity to create and cultivate life is the common denominator among all plant lovers, and our greenhouses are the exact spot where this all happens. All year long, our greenhouses are working hard to grow anything from naturally grown vegetables, herbs of all kinds, hundreds of varieties of annual flowers that are artistically combined and organized to create the most lovely hanging baskets, perennial flowers that will bring beauty for years to come, and even poinsettias during the holiday season. 

All of our edible plants are grown naturally using organic soils and fertilizers. We say our plants are “grown naturally” because we do not have USDA certification to claim our plants as organic, though we make every effort to nurture our plants with organic products only, sticking to our own motto of "Helping you grow better, naturally." This holds true for plants that we purchase as well. With demand for plants being so high in the spring and summer, it is impossible to grow enough to last the whole season. Once everything that we have grown at Bath has sold, we begin to turn to reputable local growers who also share the same values and desire to grow products using natural, organic methods. 

Visit us in store to see our collection of "home-grown" veggies, herbs, flowers, and more! Or check out our online store for limited options. Stay up-to-date on new arrivals, seasonal products and more by signing up for our weekly newsletter! 

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