planting & delivery.

At Bath Garden Center, we are committed to helping you be successful in all your growing endeavors. To that end, if you require assistance transporting your new plants and securing them in their new home, we are here to help. 

Fort Collins, Windsor and Timnath


Loveland, Wellington and Severance


Cheyenne, WY


Greeley, Livermore, Redfeather & Rist Canyon


Deliveries to any location requiring only one person.


small deliveries.

If you require the delivery and planting of any nursery stock, there is a minimum planting fee. Otherwise, the pricing is calculated at 60% of the original price of the plant material, depending on location. Compost and tree stakes are included in this price, and the option is available to install shredded cedar mulch around the plant material for an additional cost. Removal of the stakes at a later date is also available for an additional cost. 

Minimum planting fee for any planting services provided.


$60 per hour

for any additional labor while on-site.

 Fort Collins, Windsor and Timnath

60% of the original cost of the plants

Applying mulch at the base of freshly planted material.

$15 per tree/shrub

Removing stakes from young trees once they have developed.


Loveland, Wellington and Severance

70% of the original cost of the plants

Greeley, Livermore, Redfeather and Rist Canyon

80% of the original cost of the plants

Cheyenne, WY.

100% of the original cost of the plants

​Have any questions or concerns regarding setting up a delivery, a past service that was provided, or even advice on what plants to plant? Get in contact with us, or learn more about our DIY Landscape service

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