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tree and plant nursery.

At Bath Garden Center and Nursery, it is our goal to bring you the best plants we can find, and help ensure that your landscaping will remain healthy and beautiful for years to come. Our ultimate objective is for our customers to be satisfied with their purchases. To help achieve this goal, our nursery specialists commit to providing helpful support, making sure that our customers have access to the guidance they need when they need it.

Where Can I Buy Trees in Fort Collins?

Visit Bath Garden Center in Fort Collins for all your tree needs! It is our goal to offer you the highest quality plant material possible. To meet this end, we only sell what grows well in Colorado! Every tree, shrub, and perennial plant at our plant nursery in Fort Collins, Colorado, is handpicked to ensure that we can offer our customers the best plants that are able to withstand Colorado's challenging climate. By only carrying varieties that are proven to perform well, we help ensure that your landscape will look beautiful, while also doing everything in our power to make sure that your plants stay healthy and live long. 

What Kind of Plants to Grow in Fort Collins

Our knowledgeable staff at our plant nursery in Fort Collins, Colorado, is always available to give advice and opinions regarding your landscape. We can also help you with difficult issues such as soil type, problem areas of your yard, drainage issues, insects, disease, and more! We take our landscaping personally and are here to see you through to the end of any project. To this end, our retail nursery is open every day of the week! We can provide suggestions and recommendations on what you should plant in your yard or landscape based on the goals and desires you have for your area. 


What to Plant in the Spring in Fort Collins

Spring is a great time for planting in Fort Collins, Colorado. Wait until the soil warms up and begins to soften, generally in mid-late spring. Planting new plants in soil that is still cold and hard will not be favorable for a developing root system. Planting your new tree, shrub, or perennial at this time of year will give the plant enough time to establish its root system before the intense heat of the summer hits. This will ensure that your plant is well prepared for the upcoming seasons and will enable it to grow and thrive. 

What to Plant in the Summer in Fort Collins

Planting in the summer months in Northern Colorado is difficult and not recommended. While some plants may be able to tolerate the extreme heat and dry climate, many plants cannot. The stress which the unrelenting sun puts on new plantings is often too much to handle. Whether it is a tree, shrub, or perennial, the plant will be focusing all of its energy on not shriveling under the sun instead of putting its energy towards establishing its root system. And without an established root system, the plant will not be able to efficiently acquire the water and nutrients it will need to withstand the intensity of summer in Colorado. That being said, we recommend that you do as much of your planting as possible in late spring or early fall. There are always exceptions, so if you have questions about a specific plant, please contact our nursery staff and they will help you make the best decision to ensure that your plant material will grow and thrive.

What to Plant in the Fall in Fort Collins

Similar to planting in the spring, the fall season is also ideal for planting any new trees, shrubs, or perennials. Early fall is best, as the heat of the summer has begun to die down. Planting at this time of the year ensures that your new plant material will have enough time to establish its roots before winter comes, while also ensuring that your new plant will not have to struggle through the extreme heat of summer. Don't wait too long though! If you do not give your plant enough time to establish its roots before freezing temperatures hit, the chances of it surviving through the winter are less. If you would like any more information or advice on when the best time is to plant your trees, shrubs, and perennials, please contact our nursery staff!   

Why Choose Bath?

You will be amazed at how easy it is to maintain your flowers and plants in Colorado when you choose to work with our team of specialists at Bath Garden Center & Nursery. We will guide you through making a selection of flowers and plants that will flourish in your garden. With the expertise of our staff, you will learn which plants will thrive in the sun or in the shade. Ultimately, after you’re done shopping at our plant nursery in Fort Collins, Colorado, all of your friends and neighbors will have backyard envy. 

If you have any questions, follow the links below to fill out a contact form. If you need immediate help, you can also always give us a call at (970)484-5022!

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