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about us.

Looking back over the years, Bath Garden Center has been a place where both new and experienced gardeners are able to mingle, grow, and find inspiration through working with plants and cultivating life and beauty. Now, so many years later, we are thankful to celebrate over 50 years as a locally owned, family-run business.

Bath Garden Center & Nursery started out in 1965 as a small landscaping company. Young and optimistic, Tom Bath began his company with only a pickup truck and a handful of tools. This quickly transformed into something much bigger. Property that was originally purchased simply to store trees, perennial plants, and landscaping equipment soon turned into a retail business, offering a boutique with unique clothing, jewelry, and household items, a garden center, a power equipment sales and service center, and a landscaping company offering both residential and commercial services.

With the help of his wife Linda and two kids Sara and Spencer, the company thrived and grew. On any given summer day, it would not be uncommon to see Sara and Spencer running around the property tending to plants and helping customers. It was through the many days spent in the Garden Center that the same love of plants that brought Tom to start his company was instilled in Sara.

Eventually, Tom passed the baton to his daughter, who now runs the company, taking everything she learned in her years of helping around the Garden Center and using it to build upon the foundation that her father put in place.

Bath Garden Center remains unique in its pursuit of organic gardening practices, holding true to the belief that organic gardening can make a huge difference in the world. We strive to provide each customer with an organic solution to all plant-related matters, whether it is the soils and fertilizers we use or challenges we may face with insects and disease. We also believe that the art of gardening should be sustainable by nature, and our organic approach helps us achieve this goal of having a positive impact on not only our plants, but also on the Earth and environments that we live in.

We pride ourselves on being a family of plant enthusiasts, and each member of this family has their own interests, areas of expertise, and their own ways to add to the Bath Family. Whether that interest lies in gardening, houseplants, trees, flowers, or landscaping, it truly is our staff that makes all the difference. Their knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to learn and share what they know and love is what powers our mission to “help you grow better, naturally.” It is this vibrance which adds to and encourages the type of culture which we strive to maintain, and which has allowed us to provide the same quality customer service for over five decades.

our community.

We are proud to support many local organizations and we lend a helping hand whenever possible. In addition to our standing commitment to several nonprofits, we make many small donations to silent auctions and fundraisers. If you would like to be considered for a donation, please submit a donation request form at least 1 month prior to your event. You can reach out to us through our contact form or come into Bath Garden Center in Fort Collins to pick up a donation form.

Bath Garden Center proudly supports many local nonprofits, including:


Read more about how we support our community on our blog!

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