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garden center career opportunities.

At Bath Garden Center, we pride ourselves on being a family of plant enthusiasts. And like all families, everyone has their own interests, areas of expertise, and their own way of adding to the Bath Family, whether their interest lies in gardening, houseplants, trees, flowers, or something else. Truly, it is our staff that makes all the difference, allowing us to provide exceptional customer service with their great enthusiasm for researching, learning, and sharing what they know and love. We value hard work and initiative and see all experiences as a chance to learn and grow. 

Similar to plants, different people require different environments to thrive and grow. So, if this environment sounds like it is suited to you, your passions, and your values, please reach out. We are always excited to welcome new members to the Bath Family. If you would like to learn more about Bath, click here! 

Looking for general gardening employment? 

Feel free to submit a general application. If we are hiring, we will reach out to you if we think you are a good fit. If we are not hiring at the moment, we will save your application for consideration for future openings.

Application for Employment

What days and hours are you available to work? Please be specific and understand this is the availability you will be accountable for.

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