tropical houseplant care.

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Want advice on which houseplant to buy?

Do you have a spot in your house that needs a houseplant, but you aren't sure what would grow well or how to pick the right plant? Well, you aren't alone! Instead of just picking a plant at random, throwing it in a corner and hoping it survives, let us help! Send us a picture of your space and include some details about lighting, style, and your desired placement, and we will provide you with several suggestions for plants that we think would thrive in your space! 

Need help diagnosing a current houseplant?

Do you have a houseplant that seems to be struggling, but you aren't sure why? We are here to help! Simply send us a picture of your plant and include some information about its environment (where in your house it is located, what direction it faces, how much light it receives, how often you water it, etc.), and we will respond with a diagnosis and some suggestions regarding what you can do to help your houseplant stay happy and healthy!

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