houseplant potting.

At Bath Garden Center, it is our mission to help everyone become successful plant parents. So, if you have any questions about your plants, or if they are not thriving and you are not sure why, or maybe a plant has simply out-grown its pot, bring them in! We are happy to help diagnose any struggling plants and provide direction on how to better care for it, such as switching pots, adjusting watering habits, or applying products such as fertilizers or pest sprays. We are also happy to repot your plant for you! This can be an intimidating task, depending on its size and variety, so let us take care of it for you. We will use the soil that is best suited to the plant, and will ensure that it gets transported to its new pot, safe and sound. 

Also, did you know that if you come in and purchase a plant and a pot from our greenhouse, we will pot it for you for free? Take advantage of these services we offer today, and let us help you down the road of becoming a better plant parent!

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