20 Reasons Why Plants are Good for Your Health

Throughout history, humans have shown a consistent and irresistible tendency to seek out connections with nature and living things. This innate tendency is known as biophilia, and is transforming into a practice known as biophilic design, which is gaining increasing popularity as living plants are being incorporated into the environments we live in. With the increasing study of plants and the affects which they have on humans emotionally, mentally and physically, come increasing proof of the beneficial impacts which implementing plants in our daily lives has on humans.

This tendency is so instinctual in us, that when we are not surrounded by nature and living things, we attempt to make up for the lack of it by trying to shape the areas we are in to imitate the qualities of a natural area, so that we can feel the same effects of natural environments, even when we cannot be immersed in them. Some examples of this include filling our living and working environments with plants or plant-like material. Some studies done in a hospital showed exposure to live plants, and even simply posters of plants, resulted in lowered stress levels. Similarly, an elementary classroom with green walls simulating nature and the outdoors facilitated higher test scores and increased levels of attention.

Over the course of many different scientific experiments and observations, 20 prominent effects have been discovered, showing how plants have a positive impact on the minds, bodies and emotions of humans in any physical, mental, or emotional state.