Hard-To-Kill Houseplants For Beginners

Are you new to houseplants? Or do you like what live plants add to your household, but are often too busy to tend to meticulous or needy plants? Don't worry, you aren't the only one, and there are plants that will fit your lifestyle, no matter what it entails!

We've put together a list of plants that difficult to kill and easy to love. These plants are not needy, and most of them even prefer to be overlooked. The biggest factor in caring for the plants below will be to NOT OVERWATER THEM! Most of these plants require that their soil drys out completely in between waterings. If this is not allowed (by watering the plant too much or too often), the plant will likely develop root rot and die.

Below we have included a couple tips for each plant.


Don’t over water! These are desert plants, so they are used to hot and dry environments. Make sure pots and soil have good drainage, and place in direct sun for optimal growth. With so many different varieties, cactus make a great way to add character to any room!

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)

These plants do like moist soil, so it is not recommended to let their soil dry out completely. If you can stick your finger two inches down into the soil and feel no moisture, it is time to water! Never let the soil become soggy, as this will lead to the plant rotting. Read more about correct watering habits!