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custom annual flower containers.

Do you have a specific color scheme in mind for your garden? Or do you wish to customize the flower containers we have for sale? At Bath Garden Center & Nursery, we understand how important it is to put your personal touch on your garden; that’s why we sell custom annual flower containers in Fort Collins, CO. We design and plant custom containers that will bloom all summer! Not to mention the process could not be any easier! Simply choose the colors and flowers that you prefer, and we’ll do the planting for you. Your containers will stay in our greenhouses to grow and mature until it’s time to put them outdoors. You have the option to bring your own containers or choose from our great selection of pottery. Fill out your very own custom container form below, and get the process started early so your flowers are ready when you are! When you order in advance, you avoid the line and get first choice of our selection of flowers. Have any questions about our custom annual flower containers in Fort Collins, Colorado? Feel free to contact us!

Click through our impressive gallery of flowers grown in our greenhouse. The bright pink, red, purple, and blue colors are a fun way to welcome in the summer months. You can personalize hanging baskets, window boxes, and planters. When you fill out the form, you have the option to get the custom annual containers delivered to your house or to pick them up at our store. One of the many benefits of this service is that you get to choose a desired look, whether it’s dramatic, fun, or simple. Your choice of the colors and plants will allow you to put a unique twist on your flower-shopping experience. Complete the order form to secure your purchase of your custom annual flower containers in Fort Collins, CO. When you complete the order form, please bring it into Bath Garden Center along with the pots you wish to have planted. 

Custom Container Order Form
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