custom containers.

We design and plant custom containers that will bloom all summer! Choose the colors and flowers that you prefer, and we’ll do the planting for you. Your containers will stay in our greenhouses to grow and mature until it’s time to put them outdoors. Bring your own containers or choose from our great selection of pottery. Fill out your very own custom container form below, and get the process started early so your flowers are ready when you are! Have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Custom Annual Containers - Order Form

We require a minimum of two weeks for planting. Delivery charges will be added to your order if delivery is selected. ($25 for deliveries requiring one person; $75 for deliveries requiring two people)
Have we done your planters in the past?
Are your containers new this year from Bath?
PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Please make my planters...


Hanging Baskets

   10" = $35

   12" = $45

   14" = $60

Window Boxes

   12" = $30

   18" = $45

   24" = $60

   36" = $75


   10" = $35    16" = $75

   12" = $45    18" = $110

   14" = $60    24" = $145

*Sizes are diameters.

*Extremely large or oddly shaped​ planters will be priced on a case by case basis.

*Pricing guideline amounts are estimates only. Circumstances may increase or decrease your particular planter's finished price.

*Coupons are not valid on our custom containers.

*We do not call when your containers are ready, so please make a note of your two week date and be sure to pick up your planters in a reasonable time. 

*We will contact you to clarify any of the above specifications if need be.

*We will contact you regarding payment once this form has been received.

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