Agricharge Has Gone International!

Agricharge is a 100% organic soil amendment that helps soil hold more water and nutrients, meaning you water and fertilize your plants less often. It is inoculated with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae to stimulate microbiology in the soil. We began developing Argicharge during the winter, and now it’s available to our customers. We’ve had a great response to it and many people want to know more about it.

Agricharge is based on biochar. Biochar is based on an extremely fertile soil found in an otherwise infertile area of the Amazon, the terra preta. This area was essentially the compost pile of a native population who lived thousands of years ago.

Best of all, biochar is carbon negative. The strict burning process that is used to make it, pyrolysis, ensures that the organic material used holds its carbon, rather than releasing it to the atmosphere where it becomes a greenhouse gas. This carbon is returned to the soil and stored there for years, perhaps even thousands of years. Read more about Agricharge on the International Biochar Initiative website.

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