How to Grow a Beautiful Indoor Garden Throughout the Winter Months

As fall weather begins to settle in around us, most gardens across Northern Colorado and the Front Range are beginning to come to an end for the season. However, just because the weather outdoors is no longer conducive for gardening, that doesn’t mean that all gardening efforts must come to a halt. Rather, now is the perfect time to start your very own indoor garden! While you may not be able to grow quite as wide a variety of fruits and vegetables, winter gardening can be just as fun and productive. So, if you have been wondering how to have a beautiful indoor garden when it’s cold outside, we have just the right information to help you find success!

Beautiful Indoor Garden Throughout the Winter Months

How to Grow an Indoor Garden

Growing an indoor garden can be simple, fun, and even decorative. And the supplies you need to get started are more or less limited to soil, containers, and seeds or starter plants.

How to Choose the Right Soil for Your Indoor Garden

As far as soil goes, we have several different brands of organic potting soils available at our garden center. Any of these soils will be perfect for your indoor garden. And unlike your traditional outdoor gardens, the soil you use in your indoor garden is usually refreshed every year and does not to be amended as religiously as the soil in your outdoor garden.

Picking the Right Containers for Your Indoor Garden

There are many different options when it comes to containers. Simple terra cotta pots are probably the most common option for indoor gardens, though we also have lovely EcoForms pots and planters that are biodegradable and sustainably made with rice hulls. With either container, there are options for traditional round pots or longer rectangular planters that are perfect for any window sill and can contain several different plants. Check them out in our online store!

Should You Plant Seeds or Starter Plants?

While starting your plants from seed is definitely a viable option, this may require more patience than you are willing to have. While growing a garden indoors is completely possible, it is not as efficient as growing a garden outdoors, as we are not able to be perfectly replicate the summer season indoors during the winter season. So, even if you do everything right, your plants will still grow slower and may not develop as big and strong as the same plant would in the appropriate season outdoors. Because of this, it is ideal to purchase starter plants from your local Fort Collins greenhouse nursery. This will ensure that your winter garden starts off on the right foot with plants that are strong and healthy. Many greenhouses in Fort Collins may carry limited vegetable garden starts this time of year, though many should have a good selection of herbs. In some cases, your options may be limited and you may opt to start some plants from seed.


Your garden may benefit from periodic fertilizing, but even this may not be extremely necessary. Since winter gardening is essentially an attempt to trick plants into growing during a season that is far from a natural growing season, your plants will likely grow at a slower pace and will not need as many nutrients as a normal garden vegetable. With this in mind, overfertilizing your indoor garden can cause damage to your plants, as excessive fertilizing can burn the roots of your tender plants. We recommend using granular fertilizers that can be dissolved in water or a fertilizer concentrate that can also be watered down. To avoid overfertilizing, di