Fall Decorating

We have everything you need to decorate your walk way, create a table center piece, or get creative for your fall decorating! Click here to see all these ideas and more on our Pinterest page! We have hay bales, mums, corn stalks, whiskey barrels, pottery, tons of pumpkins in different sizes and colors, lanterns, twinkle lights – everything you need to decorate for the fall!

Stack the flat Cinderella pumpkins on the bottom and lead up to wolf pumpkins or pie pumpkins on the top!

Invite your guests or trick or treaters to your front door with this beautiful fall look. Use different kinds of pumpkins, not just on your front steps, but also on your roof!

Make a focal point on your porch! Using different colored pumpkins and a houseplant adds some pizzazz to this display, but don’t forget to bring your tender plants inside over night and also on the colder days.

Harvest wagon!

Take those tomato cages you’re done with, flip them and tie them at the top for a one of a kind walk way!

Use a flag pole to hang a small pumpkin with ribbon.

Get creative with your carving to use pumpkins as lanterns on your walkway.

Use pumpkins as planters or bowls.

Simple. Easy. Pretty. Boom.

Grab some branches from your yard and get the rest at Bath.