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DIY Seed Starter Mix: A How-To Guide

Starting seeds indoors is an exciting and rewarding way to kickstart your garden and make sure that you get the most out of your garden this growing season. However, the key to successful seed starting lies in using the right seed starting mix. We are going to dive into everything you need to know about DIY seed starter mix, including what it is, how to make it yourself, the reasons for making seed starting mix at home, essential tools and supplies needed, and where to shop for these supplies. Let's jump in!

What is Seed Starting Mix?

Seed starting mix, sometimes also referred to as seedling mix, is a lightweight and finely textured soil that is specifically formulated to provide seeds with the ideal conditions for germination and early growth. It is typically made from a combination of organic materials such as peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, and compost, which help retain moisture, provide aeration, and support healthy root development. Using seed starting soil instead of regular potting soil helps to ensure that your garden plants are strong and healthy, giving them a higher success rate after they are transplanted outside.

Seedlings planted in seed starting mix

Can You Make Seed Starter Mix Yourself?

It is completely possible to make seed starter mix yourself. Creating your own DIY seed starter mix is not difficult, and for many, it is a fun task that ends up providing the feeling of being more connected and involved in the cultivation of your garden plants.

Why Make Seed Starter Mix Yourself?

While seed starting soil mixes are readily available and easy to pick up at any of your local garden centers, there are several reasons for making your own seed starter mix at home. Firstly, it allows you to customize the mix to suit the specific needs of your seeds and plants. Additionally, homemade seed starter mix can be more cost-effective than store-bought alternatives, and you have full control over the quality and ingredients used.

person making diy seed starter mix

How to Make Seed Starter Mix

Making your own seed starter mix is easy and requires just a few simple ingredients. Here's a basic recipe to get you started:



  1. In a large container or bucket, combine equal parts peat moss, vermiculite or perlite, and compost or coconut coir if using.

  2. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until well blended. This is easiest to do with your hands, but a trowel can also be used to mix the ingredients together.

  3. Add water gradually while stirring until the mixture is evenly moist but not soggy. Aim for a damp, crumbly texture that holds together when squeezed but breaks apart easily.

  4. Your homemade seed starter mix is now ready! Simply fill your peat pots or seed starting trays and add your seeds accordingly. (Pro tip: Many seedlings look the same. To avoid mixing things up, be sure to label your containers as you plant your seeds!)

Tools and Supplies Needed

Where to Shop for Supplies

You can find the ingredients for your DIY seed starter mix at Bath Garden Center! We carry the highest quality products to help ensure your gardening success, and have plenty of organic options too. Give your seeds the best possible start and ensure healthy growth from the very beginning either by using soil specific for seed starting or by creating your very own mixture. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! We are here to help you grow better, naturally, and it is our joy and pleasure to help you with all things plant-related. Shop with us online, or join us in-store today!

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