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Plant Classes: Become a Plant Care Expert

Bath Garden Center & Nursery is proud to offer a wide selection of plant classes spanning a number of different topics, all taught by our plant professionals! If you are looking for ways to learn about plants and gardening in Fort Collins, CO, look no further. Many classes, such as our terrarium class, bonsai class, succulent class, or fairy gardening class, are workshops that involve hands-on instruction on how to assemble and care for your very own living creations, while other classes such as our irrigation class, seed starting class, or pruning class provide you with the practical skills, knowledge, and resources needed to successfully start your garden from seed, operate and maintain your sprinkler system, take care of your landscaping, and so much more. If you are interested in delving into the world of plants and gardening, check out some of our plant care classes below or visit our events page to sign up for a class today!

Terrarium Class

Terrarium class at Bath Garden Center

Our Terrariums class is a favorite among many! In this class, one of our resident plant professionals leads the class in properly assembling a terrarium. Attendees will learn about which plants grow well in terrariums, how to maintain and care for your terrarium, and more. All supplies are included, which means at the end of the class you will have a beautiful glass container full of adorable plants to take home with you! Learn more about class times and locations on our events page and sign up today.

Fairy Gardening Class

Fairy garden class in fort collins

Our Fairy Garden Classes are another crowd favorite! This class is suited to children and adults alike and involves assembling your very own custom fairy garden. One of our plant pros will be there to walk everyone through assembly, care, and maintenance, and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your miniature garden. Once again, all materials including a container, soil, fairy garden plants, decorative picks, rocks, and more will be provided. Learn more and sign up for a class today on our events page!

Bonsai Class

Bonsai class in Fort Collins

Bonsai is an extraordinary art form that requires patience and technique. In this class, participants will learn the basic skills that are required to successfully grow and care for a bonsai. Everyone will receive a bonsai tree and a container that will be theirs to take home, and everyone will learn the art of wiring a bonsai tree along with all the other skills and knowledge that are necessary to properly care for a bonsai. Learn more on our events page and sign up today!

Plant Moss Balls Class

Plant moss balls class fort collins

Who says your houseplants need a container to grow in? Plants of all kinds can be grown without a container. Not only does this create a unique and appealing look, but it is also a less expensive way to display your plants! In this class, everyone will be instructed on how to create a moss ball for their plant to grow in, along with all the care requirements for your potless plants. All materials will be supplied and each participant will get to take home this living piece of art. Space is limited, so purchase your ticket today!

Mounting Epiphytes Class

mounted epiphytic plants at Bath Garden Center

Join us at Bath Garden Center & Nursery for a class where we will learn all about epiphytic houseplants. Epiphytes grow naturally on woody surfaces such as trees, and these beautiful houseplants need their indoor experience to mimic their natural environment as much as possible in order to grow big, beautiful, and healthy. Mounting such plants to their woody surfaces is not always easy. We will walk the class through how to mount epiphytic plants and each participant will get to choose from a variety of plants such as staghorn ferns, bromeliads, hoyas, and more to mount and take home with them. Space for this class is very limited, so sign up today!

Houseplant Propagation Class

Propagating houseplants class in Fort Collins

There are many different ways to propagate houseplants, and each plant has its own specific needs when it comes to propagation. There are also so many tips and tricks that are good to know about before trying to propagate houseplants that will make your cuttings much more likely to succeed. In this class, participants will learn all about how to propagate a variety of different houseplants! Join us for this enlightening experience and learn how to propagate your plants so you can have plenty to share with your planty friends and family. Learn more and sign up today!

Succulent Class

Succulents class in fort collins

Join us for a succulent gardening class where participants will be guided in creating their very own succulent gardens. Learn all about the care requirements for succulents, the type of soil they need to be planted in, how to fertilize your succulent garden, and more. Participants will be able to customize their very own succulent containers and will have a gorgeous living decoration to bring home at the end of class. Sign up today!

Small Trees for Small Spaces Class

Small trees class in Fort Collins

Join us at Bath Garden Center & Nursery for our class on Small Trees for Small Spaces. Choosing the right tree for your space is the first and most important step to ensuring the health and happiness of the plants in your landscaping. Planting a tree that will outgrow its space will lead to an unhealthy plant and can even cause damage to surrounding structures. In this class, we will explore different types of trees that are well suited to small spaces so that you can make the best decision for you, your space, and the tree in question. Sign up today!

Orchids for Beginners

Orchid class for beginners in Fort Collins

Join us at Bath Garden Center & Nursery for our Orchids for Beginners class! Learn all about how to care for orchids, how to encourage them to rebloom, what potting medium is best, how to water orchids, and more. During this class, each participant will get to choose an orchid to repot and take home with them. Space for this class is limited, so sign up today!

Seed Starting Class

Seed starting class in Fort Collins

Join us to learn all the basics of seed starting! Our growing season here in Colorado is short, so getting your garden plants started from seed before the beginning of the growing season will be so important if you want your plants to reach maturity and reap a bountiful harvest. Each participant will receive a planting guide to aid in their spring planting and gardening efforts. Sign up today and get excited for the spring season!

Raised Bed Gardening Class

Raised bed gardening class at Bath Garden Center

Raised garden beds have totally changed the way people approach gardening, offering a host of benefits that cater to both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists alike. Join us for this class at Bath Garden Center & Nursery where we will cover all the details of raised bed gardening, including the benefits of raised garden beds, how to build a raised bed garden, care requirements, soil, watering, and more! Sign up for this gardening class in Fort Collins today.

Composting and Compost Tea Class

Composting class in Fort Collins

Join us at Bath Garden Center & Nursery for this class covering all the details of composting. In this class, we will also cover how to make your own compost tea! Composting can make a huge difference in your gardening efforts, increasing the health of your soil, making nutrients more available to your plants, increasing drainage and aeration, encouraging the population of beneficial insects, and so much more. Sign up today and dive into the wealth of knowledge composting has to offer! Sign up to join our Composting Class today!

Mini Landscaping Consultation

Mini Landscape Consultations in Fort Collins

Join us at Bath Garden Center & Nursery for a day full of Mini Landscape Consultations! We will have several time slots available throughout the day which will include a 30-minute, one-on-one landscape consultation with one of our gardening and landscaping professionals. They will be able to answer any questions you have about your yard, give you direction on what to plant where, guide you on how to properly care for and maintain your landscape, and more! To get the most out of this experience, come prepared with information such as which direction certain areas of your yard face, sun exposure, soil conditions, existing plants, desired plants, and the like. Sign up for this class today, and let us know if you have any questions!

Pruning 101 Class

Spring pruning class in Fort Collins

Spring will be here before we know it, and there is no better time to make sure you are prepared! Learn about how to take care of your trees, shrubs, and perennial plants, as well as what plants to prune in the spring, and when the best time is to prune. We will cover information on pruning your roses and ornamental grasses and will also discuss how and when to fertilize your plants to ensure they grow strong and healthy! Get a jump on the spring season and sign up for this class today!

Drip Irrigation Class

Drip irrigation class in Fort Collins

Join us at Bath Garden Center & Nursery to learn all the basics of using and maintaining your drip irrigation system. Sprinkler systems are a necessity here in Colorado if you want to maintain a green and bountiful lawn, landscaping, and gardens, and there are a few crucial pieces of information you will need to know to keep your sprinklers in good working order. Sign up for our class and learn the basics of drip irrigation systems today!

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