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What is the Difference Between a Greenhouse, Nursery, and Garden Center?

At Bath Garden Center and Nursery, there are many facets of our business all characterized by words that many people often use synonymously. And while this may not really matter or make that much of a difference in our customers' experience within our store, we see how it could cause some confusion in the ways we talk about the services we provide. To help clear up any confusion and educate our customers, we wanted to outline some commonly confused words and give them their specific meanings, so that you can clearly understand what we are trying to say when we use them and how they characterize the different products and services we offer.

Bath Garden Center and Nursery

The Differences Between Greenhouse, Nursery, & Garden Center

First off, two of these misunderstood words are in the name of our business! "Garden center" and "nursery" are two words that often are understood as the same thing, but in reality, are very different. Additionally, our company is comprised of many greenhouses on the property that grow and house plant material. This word, "greenhouse," is also often understood to be something slightly different than what it is. Now that we’ve set the stage a bit, let's dive into what we mean by these certain words!

What is a Garden Center?

Garden Center

This term is the easiest to define. “Garden center” relates mostly to the retail side of our company which strives to provide our customers with anything they could need for their gardening endeavors. Whether this be gardening tools such as hoes, shovels, and rakes, seed packets from the most common to the most rare vegetable and fruit varieties, pots and planters of all sorts, or soil amendments such as fertilizers and other additives to help you create the most ideal growing conditions for your various plants, we have it all available for you in our garden center in Fort Collins.

What is a Nursery?


It seems like most people think of a nursing home or baby nursery when hearing this term. If someone ever says, "I went to the nursery today," it is often followed up with, "How is your grandpa doing?" or "Did someone you know have a baby?" The answer is neither… the answer is, "No! I went shopping for plants!" So, while the word "nursery" can definitely have several meanings, it most commonly refers to plants: specifically, trees, shrubs, and perennial plant material. Our nursery in Fort Collins is home to a large variety of ornamental trees, shade trees, fruit trees, evergreen trees and shrubs, flowering shrubs, bushes of all different shapes, sizes, and colors, perennial flowers, and other leafy green perennials, and so much more. Most of these plants we source from other companies that specialize in growing strong and healthy trees, shrubs, and perennials. They find their home with us until they are adopted into their permanent homes by you!

What is a Greenhouse?


Lastly, we want to shed light on some of our greenhouse operations. Generally, when you hear the word "greenhouse," you think of plants. This is correct, though the specific plants that are handled in our greenhouse division relates more to annual plants and flowers than it does to more woody plants such as trees, shrubs, or perennial that will continue to grow from year to year. Whether it is garden fruits and vegetables or ornamental plants, these are often grown and found in our greenhouse. Houseplants are also included in this! Some of what our greenhouse offers is grown carefully and specifically by our expert gardeners. We love to bring you home-grown fall mums, vegetable garden starts, annual flower baskets bursting with color, festive poinsettias, and even some of our very own houseplants! And while we do not have the capacity to grow everything we sell, similar to our nursery division, we source the other plant material that is not grown by us from reputable growers who put great care and attention into growing quality plants using natural practices. This way, when you shop at our greenhouse in Fort Collins, you know you can always expect the highest quality organically grown plants available in the area.

Why Choose Bath Garden Center?

Bath Garden Center & Nursery

At Bath Garden Center, we care to bring you the highest quality plants for the most affordable price possible. Our goal is to "Help you grow better, naturally," and we believe that there is power in organic gardening. We are here to help you through every step of the process and will help you understand how to amend your soil to make it ideal for growing, how and where to plant certain varieties for best results, what to do in the case of pests and disease, how to make sure your plants are getting the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy, and any other care tips and instruction you may need. We are passionate about plants and believe that organic gardening is a more sustainable approach that has fewer adverse effects on our environment and the world we live in. Our desire is to share this passion with you, our customers! Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just getting started on your gardening journey, we would love to be involved and are always joyous at any opportunity to help you grow. So, if you have any plant needs, whether it relates to the giant tree in your yard, the tiny tomato plant growing on your porch steps, or that new houseplant you just brought home, we are here to help you succeed! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to come into the store, give us a call, or send us a message!

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