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Behind the Scenes at Bath Garden Center: What We Grow in our Fort Collins Greenhouse

At Bath Garden Center and Nursery, we take pride in bringing you sustainable, naturally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more! Our customers shop at Bath Garden Center because they know that we uphold a certain standard that is higher than grocery store standards and other greenhouses in Fort Collins. And while we do not have the capacity to grow everything that we sell here at our Garden Center, we are here to give you a little more information about what we do grow, and where we get what we aren’t able to grow, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a quality product.

Our Geraniums are Grown In-House!

Grown In-House

We grow thousands of geraniums right here in our very own greenhouses! Starting early in the year, our geraniums are started from scratch and grown throughout the winter so that they are big, beautiful, and bursting with color as soon as spring comes. They come in colors from vibrant red to coral orange, deep magenta pink, pure white, and more! Get your geraniums in all sorts of different sizes as well. We have hanging baskets, gallon containers, 4-inch starter packs, and more to make sure you have the right size to fit any need. Stop by the Garden Center in early spring to shop our beautiful selection of geraniums and other annual flowers and enjoy the lush, color-filled beauty of our greenhouses here in Fort Collins, Colorado!

Home Grown Garden Fruits and Vegetables

What We Grow in our Fort Collins Green House

Garden starts include any garden fruit or vegetable plant that has been started ahead of time. We sell these starter plants to make gardening easier for you! Some plants require longer growing seasons, so getting a plant start shortens the growing season as you are not having to start all of your plants from seed. These garden fruit and vegetable plants include many different varieties of squash, pumpkins, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers, peas, beans, chard, kale, spinach, and more! We grow as many of these as we can in the months leading up to spring, and even with our greenhouses fully maxed out, we often sell out of everything that we grow ourselves within the first couple of weeks after they are available for purchase. Once all of our home-grown inventory sells out, we then source additional garden starts from other reputable growers that uphold our same standards in terms of naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Herbs Grown Just for You

Fresh Herbs Grown Just for You

Similar to our home-grown garden vegetables, many of our herbs are grown right here in our greenhouses in Fort Collins as well! We grow as much as we can until we are literally bursting at the seams, and once everything we have grown ourselves has sold out, we source additional herbs from reputable growers that use natural, organic growing practices. We do our best to supply our customers with as many herbs grown in-house as possible, but our capacity is limited! So, if you want herbs grown locally by a company you know you can trust, don't wait! Snag your herbs right at the beginning of the season and enjoy them all summer long!

Locally Grown Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

We grow many of our annual flowers in-house as well! We begin growing these in the early months of the year, preparing hundreds of tiny containers to burst with greenery and color as soon as spring hits. Every annual flower you can think of gets grown from nothing right here in our greenhouse in Ft. Collins. Petunias, verbena, calibrachoa, geraniums, marigolds, vinca vines, zinnias, begonias, pansies, violas, impatiens, cosmos, alyssum, and so many more! We grow as many as we can fit in our greenhouses and let me tell you they are piled high! Still, this isn’t quite enough to meet the demand of our customers throughout the spring and summer months, and just several weeks into the season we are often sold out of our home-grown annual flowers. At this point, we begin to source additional inventory from our trusted partners in the greenhouse industry.

Home-Grown Perennials


We also grow as many perennial plants and flowers as we can possibly stand to fit in our greenhouses throughout the months leading up to spring and summer. I will spare you the list of plants that we grow, as it is quite extensive. Just know that anything that is suitable to Colorado’s climate you can be sure we grow ourselves at Bath Garden Center. And as I have said throughout the last couple of paragraphs, much of our home-grown inventory of perennial plants and perennial flowers often sell out very quickly. This, again, is when we turn to reputable growers to supply us with quality plants to meet your demand and expectations. So, if you are looking specifically for perennials grown in our greenhouse in Fort Collins, make sure you get a jump on the crowds before all inventory grown in-house is sold out!

Your Seasonal Favorites, All Year Round

Throughout the year we also grow all of your seasonal favorites! From annual hanging flower baskets and geraniums in the spring, to chrysanthemums in the fall, to poinsettias in the winter, you can always find what you are looking for in our greenhouses in Fort Collins!

Annual Hanging Flower Baskets, Porch Pots, and Custom Containers!

Seasonal Favorites

Along with our annual flower selection, we also grow an amazing array of hanging annual flower baskets and porch pots! We assemble our own with exquisite color combinations to fit anyone’s style and personality, and we also custom plant flower baskets and pots! You get to choose the colors and varieties you like, drop off your containers or buy new ones from Bath, and then we plant them up and keep them in our greenhouses until the weather is ideal and the flowers are bursting with color. Then you get to come pick up your very own, custom-planted flower baskets that are already overflowing and ready for the season. Learn more about our custom annual containers and see pictures of some of our favorites!

Chrysanthemums (Mums) Grown In-House


Another seasonal favorite is our fall mums! As soon as there is room in the greenhouses after moving all the annual flowers and veggie starts out of the greenhouses for the spring season, we start growing our very own mums in-house! All throughout the summer, over fifty varieties of chrysanthemums are grown in our greenhouses in Ft. Collins. They are started from nothing and fostered into beautiful and bushy flowering perennials. We grow them in small and large sizes with single colors and color combinations. A fun fact for you when shopping for mums: if you see a tag that says “mumbo,” this means that the particular mum basket includes several different colored mums that are all engineered to bloom at the same time, bringing you a beautiful display of varying colors! If you would like to learn more about our mums and the different varieties we grow, check out our blog on Growing and Caring for Fall Mums!

Home-Grown Poinsettias for the Holiday Season


Just like fall mums, the holiday season wouldn’t quite be the same without poinsettias! Just like clockwork, as soon as our fall mums are moved from the greenhouses to the front of the store to be sold, our growers get to work growing poinsettias so that they are ready in time for the holiday season! And if you thought that poinsettias only came in one color, you would be quite mistaken! From cream-colored leaves to leaves that show off an impressive deep red color, to a classic bright red, and even patterned leaves with speckles and spots, we grow a wide selection of varieties for you to choose from, all grown with love and care by the tender hands of our greenhouse professionals. Learn more about poinsettias and see pictures of the different varieties we carry in our blog!

Learn More About Our Greenhouses in Ft Collins

If you have any questions, want to inquire after a specific plant, or want to know more about any of our greenhouse services, please let us know! We are here to provide you with your favorite plants regardless of the season, and it is our pride and joy to be able to supply our customers with quality plant material grown in-house by people whose passion it is to see things grow and flourish! Happy planting everyone!

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