What Plants are Best for Summer Gardening?

It's that time of year and everyone from experienced gardeners to novice gardeners are wondering what they should plant. With so many different options on the table, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down what to plant in your garden this season. We are here to help you narrow down some of the options.

Best Vegetables for Summer Planting

While there are many different kinds of vegetables that grow well in Colorado, here are just a few of our favorites!

Harvesting potatoes


Many different potato varieties love the intense heat of Colorado summers. They are simple and easy to grow too! All you need is a little patience while these rooting vegetables mature. Check out some more tips on how to grow potatoes!

Harvesting carrots


Carrots are another great garden vegetable to plant if you live in Colorado. Make sure to amend the soil though! These rooting vegetables have a hard time pushing their way through the clay-heavy soil, so ensuring the soil is light and soft will dramatically improve the quality of your carrot crop!


Long-yard beans and green beans also grow exceptionally well in Colorado. Pole beans will also yield a steady crop throughout the entire season, while bush beans will produce a quick, one-time crop. If you don't have much room in your garden, bush beans also make for a good container gardening plant!

Harvesting peas


Whether you are interested in shelling peas, sugar snap peas, or snow peas, all of them grow well with minimal care required. Just plant them in a spot with full sun exposure and a trellis for them to grow on, and you'll be set for the season!


These heat-loving fruits have so many delicious uses in the kitchen. From home-made salsa to fried green tomatoes and so much more, tomatoes are a crop that are sure not to disappoint. Make sure you fertilize with a calcium-rich fertilizer to avoid blossom end rot!


Bell peppers are fun to grow and provide you with a deliciously sweet veggie to add to any salad. While bell peppers grow well in Colorado, hot peppers thrive! So if you enjoy a little spice in your life, check out some of our favorite varieties of pepper plant!


Many different varieties of squash, zucchini in particular, grow amazingly well here in our arid Colorado environment. If this is one of your vegetables of choice, be sure to check on them often! They grow quickly and can very easily grow to size too large to eat!


Whether you enjoy pickling your cucumbers or using them in your salads, there are plenty of delicious varieties to choose from. These vining plants can be left to trail along the ground or can be encouraged to grow up a trellis.

Harvested corn


This low-maintenance veggie is very a popular choice for many gardeners! The tall stalks are fun to watch grow, and it also makes a delicious addition to any meal!

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