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Tips for Growing Peas

Growing peas is easy and they are an excellent source of fiber, protein, minerals, folic acid, and vitamins! Plant peas in compost rich soil and add organic nitrogen fertilizer as they grow. Seeds can be placed in water overnight to speed germination but this is not a necessity. Plant seeds a couple inches apart and firm the soil around them.

Make sure soil is well drained. Test the soil with your hands to make sure the soil isn’t waterlogged because too much water will lessen your yield and could kill your plant. Peas require support such as a simple trellis, stakes or even a fence to lean on.

The benefit of growing peas is that just-picked freshness can’t be bought. Peas lose their strong, sweet flavor when they’re stored so eat them right away after harvest. Snow peas are ready when the pods are tender and before the peas are completely mature. Pick snap peas when the pods are still crunchy. Shelling peas are ready before the pods get hard and pale.


  • Shelling pea: Peas you need to shell before you eat.

  • Snow pea: Edible pod. You eat them when the pod is young and flat.

  • Snap pea and sugar snap: A kind of snow pea with a thick and round pod.

Little Marvel

Shelling pea – pod is not edible. Most popular home garden variety. Sweet peas, eat fresh or preserve. Easy to grow, produces early in the season.


Shelling peas. Heavy bearing pods, sweet, tender, and nutty. You’ll want to eat these right off the vine!

Green Arrow

Shelling pea – pod is not edible. Sweet and tender, good for freezing. They stay sweet for a long harvest window and are disease resistant.


Snap pea – edible, thick pod. Crisp and sweet, big producers, multiple disease resistances.

Sugar Ann

Snap pea – edible, thick pod. Easy to grow, sweet.

Laxton’s Progress #9

Shelling pea – pod is not edible. Early yield, hardy, big producer, large pods, excellent flavor.

Oregon Giant

Snow peas – edible pod. Heavy producer, large, sweet pea pods, disease resistant.

Oregon Sugar Pod II

Snow peas – edible pod. Tender, juicy, sweet, highly disease resistant, heavy producer. Enjoy raw or stir fried.

Sugar Daddy

Snap pea – edible, thick pod. High yielding, plump, sweet and nutty.

Sweet Horizon

Snow pea – edible pod. Sugary pods, resistant to powdery mildew and fusarium.

Super Sugar Snap

Sugar snap – edible, thick pod. Big sweet, juicy pea pods. Great variety to eat whole when ripe, raw or quickly cooked. Good heat tolerance, resistant to pea roll and powdery mildew.


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