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Our Favorite Pepper Varieties

Time to plant peppers! Here are some of our featured pepper varieties with recipes we want to try for each variety. Click here to see more pepper recipes on our Pinterest Board.

Photo Credit: Bonnie Plants


Small, mild peppers that are great for roasting, pan frying and grilling. They char when cooked and adopt a delicious, rich flavor. They are traditionally harvested when green, but they get sweeter if left to grow until they are orange or red. Prolific.

Photo Credit: Burpee

Golden California Wonder

Big, sweet and mild peppers. These plants set fruit continuously that matures from green to yellow. The fruit is smooth, blocky and thick walled.

Photo Credit: Burpee


Large, sweet peppers that grow to be a foot long! They have a delectable crunch. Turn from green to red. Prolific.

Photo Credit: Burpee

Pinot Noir

Crisp, very sweet purple bell. Especially hardy to Colorado weather.

Photo Credit: Totally Tomatoes

Emerald Fire

Compact plants. Jalapenos with mild medium heat. Great choice for stuffing, grilling or salsas. Very little cracking even after maturing to red. Great disease resistant and thick-walled fruits.

Photo Credit: Totally Tomatoes

Spicy Slice

Large, firm, smooth, sliceable fruits with a medium heat on the Scoville chart. Heavy yields, mature early, mature from dark green to red.


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