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Is It Necessary to Fertilize Your Houseplants?

You may be asking, “is it really necessary to fertilize my plants? They are alive and seem to be growing well, so do I really have to spend more money on a product that may not be necessary?”

I definitely asked myself these questions when I started my endeavors as a plant mom, and it took some convincing, but after realizing some of the benefits and the true importance of plant fertilizers, I will never deprive my plants of their much-needed nutrients again.

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So, why is it so important to fertilize your plants?

While your plants will be strong and healthy when you first take them home, they may begin to struggle in the weeks to come. Some of this can be due to a variety of factors, such as the plant acclimating to a different environment, and you getting to know your new plant and its needs. Under this stressful circumstance, your plant needs all the nutrients it can get. And where does it get these nutrients from?? The dirt!! However, there are only so many nutrients that the small amount of soil in your pot can contain, and as much as I would like to be able to tell you that we have invented a self-replenishing soil, we just aren’t quite there yet.

That being said, your plant will make a quick meal out of all the nutrients the soil had to offer. When this happens, it isn’t the end of the world. Your plant will not shrivel up and die, however, it also will not be as healthy as it could be. If your plant typically displays any flowers or vibrant colors, these will often die off or fade, as the plant does not have the essential nutrients to put the extra effort into being beautiful. At this point, your plant is simply surviving.

This is where fertilizers come into the picture,

offering your plants the nutrients they were missing out on. After fertilizing, give your plant a couple of weeks to realize it doesn’t have to be in survival mode anymore. Once this happens, the health and vibrancy of your plant will come back full force! A sure sign of a happy, thriving plant is one that is full of foliage, deep in color, or decked in blooms, depending on the type of plant.

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Now to answer the question of which fertilizers to use.

There are so many options, and not necessarily one right answer. Much of your decision will be determined by preference. At Bath Garden Center, we focus on organic gardening, so many of our products are natural and organic. If you prefer this approach to plant care, here are a couple of my personal favorites in terms of fertilizers:

Some of these fertilizers are more specific to trees, shrubs, or gardens, however, most of them work well for houseplants as well. My personal favorites are the liquid blends by Age Old, Grow, and Bloom, depending on if your plants are flowering plants. We also carry some great cactus/succulent-specific fertilizers, if you are looking for something specific to your prickly little pals.

If you still have questions on which fertilizer to choose for your plant babies, give us a quick call or swing by the Garden Center and we can help you make the best choice for your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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