Flower-Tone Espoma Organic Fertilizer

  • Espoma flower 4lb organic fertilizer. Blossom booster!

  • For established plants, apply flower-tone monthly from the beginning of the growing season until the middle of September.

    For individual plants, sprinkle 1/2 cup of flower-tone around the drip line like adding salt and pepper to food. For flower beds, sprinkle evenly at a rate of 4lbs. per square feet. Make sure flower-tone is not in contact with foliage plant or stem. Water thoroughly after feeding!

    For transplants, dig a hole slightly larger than the plant root ball. Remove half of the soil and replace with compost, peat moss, or Espoma Organic Potting Soil. Mix 2 tbsp. of Flower-Tone into the amended soil. For larger plants (1-2 gallon container) mix 1/2 cup into the amended soil.