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Annual Flowers from Bath Garden Center

We grow most of our annuals in our own greenhouses, and they are ready for sale in the spring just as soon as the weather allows. Come talk to our staff and we’ll help you choose colorful combinations and answer any questions you have. Annuals are garden all-stars! They bloom their little hearts out all summer, packing a lot of color into a few months. The powerful, saturated colors and endless blooms just can’t be matched. They are a must-have for long-lasting color. Annuals are a quick, easy way to add vibrant color to your garden and they’re extremely versatile. You can add color with hanging baskets, containers, flowerbeds and anywhere your heart desires. Keep your annuals blooming all summer by dead-heading, pruning and fertilizing regularly. We suggest Age Old Bloom Fertilizer, a natural, liquid that is high in phosphorus.

Which Annuals Will Grow in Shade?

Shade gets a bad reputation, but here are several beautiful annuals that prefer shade. These annuals are top performers in shady areas that receive indirect sunlight and patches of sunlight throughout the day. As always, we’re here to help! Come visit us and we’ll help you choose the right annuals for any location.


Impatiens bloom from spring to fall and are available in white, or shades of pink, orange and red. Look for impatiens, double impatiens or New Guinea impatiens that bear a larger bloom.


These low-maintenance plants bear flowers that hang upside down, making them ideal for hanging baskets.  They are available in red, pink and purple.


Coleus is grown for its interesting foliage rather than colorful blooms. There are hundreds of varieties available: large or small leaf, in shades of red, purple, green, streaked or spotted.  Grow different varieties of coleus together or mix them with tall annuals.

Sweet Potato Vine

Available in green or purple, Sweet Potato Vine is used for its foliage as a filler plant.  It grows quickly and will trail from hanging baskets, containers, or you can use it for an interesting ground cover.


Begonias have the diversity to be in hanging baskets, container plants or indoor houseplants.  The waxy, green or chocolate foliage is just as interesting as the blooms.

Ready-To-Go Containers

Our annual designer creates beautiful, dynamic plantings that you will love. Check out our custom annual containers page, see options in our online store, or come explore our plant nursery Fort Collins and find the right flower combination for you!

Here are some examples of some of the gorgeous baskets we have grown in the past!


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