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Lettuce Celebrate

It’s time to plant lettuce!

Main Types of Lettuce We Carry:

  • Leaf: Most popular grown salad vegetable

  • Cos or Romaine: Perfect for salads and sandwiches

  • Crisphead or Iceberg: Crunch heads of lettuce

  • Butterhead: Tender, with a sweet flavor

Other Differences and Terms:

  • Baby Leaf Lettuce: Planted in high density and harvested early

  • Mesclun: A salad/seed mix made from selected and paired lettuces with other edible leaves usually on the tangy and bitter side.

Some of our Varieties:

Edible Landscape Lettuce Stardom Mix

This mix is edible but is also planted for decoration. Delicious, bright green, and burgundy leaves. Crispy and sweet, heat-tolerant, and grows fast. This mix is perfect for a salad base.

Nevada Lettuce

Ribs are crunchy like iceberg lettuce and the leaves are soft like leaf lettuce. Resistant to several diseases.

Lettuce Leaf Red Sails

Buttery, grows quickly, heat tolerant, long harvest window. Beautiful and popular patio container, vibrantly red-bronze.

Romaine Paris Island Cos

Crunchy, sweet, buttery, many disease resistances.

Crisphead Great Lakes

Crunchy, classic, great for sandwiches and salads.

Italdienischer Loose-Leaf Lettuce

Huge, sweet, and crisp even when at its most mature. Widely renowned as being a magnificent variety.

Iceberg Lettuce

Sweet, crisp, crunchy, and tightly packed head.

High Mowing Blend Mesclun

A best-seller, good mix of mild and spicy flavors, diversity of shapes and flavors, cut and come again for multiple harvests.

Monet’s Garden Mesclun

Baby leaf lettuces, well-balanced flavors, greens grow at the same rate and are easy to harvest.

Mesclun Chef’s Medley

Chosen by famous Boulder chef John Platt, this is a diverse medley of flavors, textures, and colors.

Mesclun Asian Salad Greens

Good raw or cooked, a mix of mild and spicy flavors, a good variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors of leaves.

Oak Leaf Blend

Tender and sweet, not bitter. Good for salads and sandwiches.


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