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10 Reasons To Plant Your Veggies Now

Night Temperatures are Perfect

Warm season veggies do best when night temperatures stay consistently at 55 degrees and above. We are just now hitting that point!

Reduces Stress

Studies show that leaving your phone inside and gardening outdoors can relieve stress more than other leisurely activities! Make gardening a fun routine to experience the most effective emotional benefits.

Fresh Produce You Can Trust

From our greenhouse to your backyard! You don’t have to question what kind of pesticides and chemicals were used to grow your produce when you grow your own. Our edible plants are grown naturally, using organic or natural soils and fertilizers.

Cultivating Life is Rewarding

Avid gardeners will tell you that they have had their fair share of gardening “mistakes” and “failures” that have taught them how to better tend and cultivate plants. At Bath, we want to offer our community the resources needed to be as successful as possible with as little trial and error. There is nothing quite like the reward of enjoying a lush garden you grew yourself!

Raise Community Pride and Lower Crime

Studies have shown that gardening and being around plants have positive psychological effects on humans and young people. Some studies have even linked beautification through plant cultivation to lower crime rates. A mixture of stress reduction through gardening and having a lush and cultivated environment raises community pride.

Tomatoes And Peppers Love Sun

Warm season veggies like tomatoes need 8 hours of sun a day to produce an abundant crop. With the questionable weather we saw at the beginning of the season, now is the perfect time to plant warm season veggies who will love soaking in all that sun!

Work Towards Self Subsistence

Self-reliance offers ultimate security! Being able to walk into your backyard and harvest dinner ingredients saves you a trip to the grocery store.

Don't Plant Your Crops Too Early...

This year is proof that gardening earlier in the season isn’t always the best route when you live in Colorado. When you plant your crops in early spring, you risk losing your crop to an unexpected freeze. If you don’t want the weather to interfere with your warm season crops, now is a perfect time to start planting!

Our Autumn Season is Lasting Longer

Some people worry that planting “this late” in the season won’t give crops enough time to produce a heavy yield. Luckily, we have been experiencing a longer autumns which gives us an extended growing season.

It’s Not Too Late!

It is a misconception that it is too late to plant now which couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you got a later start than you intended on your gardening endeavors this year, don’t fret. You are still in the clear. Now is the perfect time to plant!


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