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It’s Time To Plant Carrots!

Carrots are packed full of vitamins, can be used to make everything from salad to cake, and come in a wide variety of pretty colors. Talk about the veggie that has it all!! Here are some of our varieties:

Rainbow Blend

Great shredded, as carrot sticks, or for carrot salads. Sweet colorful!

Carnival Blend

Colorful surprise, good as mature carrots or harvested as baby carrots, packed full of vitamins.

Circus Circus

Festive tricolor blend, crisp, smooth, crispy sweet, great raw and shredded for a carrot salad, fast-growing.

Sunshine Mix

Eye-catching and sweet, crisp, smooth, long harvest period, good raw or quickly cooked.

Tonda di Parigi

Round, tender, sweet, can grow in containers and in shallow beds because of their size and shape.

French Baby Carrots Babette

Full sweet flavor, deep orange, top quality, very versatile, good raw or quickly cooked.

Danver’s 126

Wonderful flavor, resistant to cracks and splits, easy harvest.

Nantes Carrots Starica

Good sautéed, steamed, or glazed.


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