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Fairy Gardening Festival 2014

The world would be a quiet and boring place without young, creative, imaginative children who aren’t afraid to express themselves. Thank you to all the wonderful children and adults who participated in our annual Fairy Gardening Festival! We love watching what you create, and it is so fun to see how unique everyone's imaginations are. We hope you enjoyed the unicorn rides, crafts, face painting, and fairy garden making!

Boy and girls and young and not-so-young adults plant their own fairy gardens to take home, create magic wands and windchimes, and make their own flower fairies. They can get their faces painted and even ride a unicorn! We encourage costumes and host a costume contest so that every young fairy, gnome, or wizard has a moment in the spotlight to show off his or her unique style. Based on sheer adorableness alone, this is quickly becoming one of our favorite events!


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