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Dandelion Greens

Have you ever stopped to consider that the dandelions you’re spraying with herbicide are actually good for you? Dandelion greens contain vitamin A and vitamin C, and the leaves are high in lecithin, which helps replace cell membranes and helps the liver process toxins. They are also very high in beta-carotene.

Gather leaves by severing the crown of the plant right at ground level. Smaller leaves are less bitter than larger leaves. Don’t forget that bitterness stimulates digestive juices and aids the liver! Strip the leaves from the central vein, wash in water/vinegar and rinse clean.

You can also harvest and eat the long taproot! It’s often used to lower blood sugar in diabetics. Use it like carrots or parsnips. Harvest only the dandelions from your yard or an area you’re positive hasn’t been sprayed with herbicide or other chemicals, and enjoy!


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