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Chemicals, Lawncare and Pets

We get it: there’s nothing like a lush, vibrant, green lawn. But the desire to have the best lawn in the neighborhood is leading millions of households to expose their children, pets, and water supply to toxic chemicals in the form of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

You already know that synthetic chemicals can increase your risk of disease and cancers, but don’t forget about your pets! Your dog doesn’t wear clothes or shoes. They roll around in the grass and eat it. Would YOU do that, knowing the chemicals you apply each year? A study from Purdue University showed that dogs exposed to chemically-treated lawns (specifically 2, 4-D, commonly used in herbicides) have a dramatically increased risk of bladder cancer. The study also suggests a link between Lymphoma and common lawn chemicals. also has a good article about what pesticides to avoid and what symptoms to be aware of.

Quick Tips:

Use natural and organic fertilizers. We carry AlphaOne Fertilizer: It’s alfalfa-based, organic, and made locally in Loveland, CO.

Keep your lawn healthy by spreading a thin layer of compost over the top. You can also make compost tea to fertilize naturally.

Find a new way of tolerating the weeds that volunteer in your yard. Pull them by hand, pour boiling water on them, spray them with horticultural vinegar. There are many organic remedies for dealing with weeds, but allowing a few to grow is the mark of a mature gardener.

Caring for your lawn organically will keep you, your pets, children, wildlife, and the water supply safe. Be proactive and reduce their risk by using organic fertilizers and tolerating the weeds.


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