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our warranty policy.

We are your source for container-grown, Colorado-hardy trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. Planting the right tree in the right location is important for a long-lived, healthy plant that enhances your home and improves your property’s value. Whether you're looking for shade, privacy, wind protection, flowers, or fruit, we’ve got the right plant for you. Let our nursery experts help you choose the right trees, shrubs, and perennials for your landscape. Learn more about our nursery services today!

Our Guarantee


We offer a one-year conditional warranty on all trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, roses, and grasses. Any of these plants grown in a container voids the warranty. Additionally, the warranty will be voided in the event of improper care throughout the winter. Winter watering is essential for the survival of newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennial plants, and negligence will result in a voided warranty. To ensure your plant material survives the winter and remains covered under the warranty, be sure to water regularly during periods of drought throughout the cold season. Do not dig up plants before contacting us, as this will void your warranty. Some plant material may be slow to exit dormancy in the spring, and digging up the plant prematurely almost guarantees the death of the plant.


If you believe you may have a tree, shrub, or perennial plant that may qualify for a warrantied replacement, please bring in 1) a sample cutting of the plant, 2) a photo of the plant in question, and 3) the original purchase receipt. These things must be brought into Bath Garden Center within one year of the purchase date in order to qualify for a one-time credit for the amount of the original plant purchase price, which will be applied to the cost of the replacement plant material. We can only warranty items for the price they were purchased for, which may not account for price increases in subsequent years. The warranty amount does not cover the cost of planting services or any delivery fees incurred at the time of purchase. Warranties are not able to be honored without the original purchase receipt. If you are part of our Frequent Gardener Club, your receipt will be stored in our system and we will be able to look it up for you. Receipts are not stored for customers that are not in our system. 

If you have concerns about the condition of your plant material, please contact us. Our goal is to help you grow happy and healthy plants, and we will do everything within our ability to achieve this end.

What to do...

  • Take photos of the plant in question, including photos of the entire plant and up-close photos

  • Take a cutting of a portion of the plant, if possible

  • Bring photos, cutting, and original purchase receipt into Bath Garden Center within one (1) year of the original purchase date

Warranty will be VOIDED if you...

  • Dig up the plant or remove it from where it is located in the ground

  • Fail to plant your tree, shrub, or perennial in the ground in the same season as when it was purchased

  • Fail to properly care for your plant material throughout the winter season

MYKE 5-Year Warranty on Trees and Shrubs

We also offer a 5-year Extended Guarantee for our woody plants that is only valid with a receipt showing the purchase of both the plant material and the extended warranty. MYKE is an all-natural root stimulator that helps trees establish roots quickly and assists in nutrient intake. Purchase MYKE when you purchase your trees and keep the receipt. Protect your investment with a MYKE 5-year warranty todayTalk to our nursery experts for more information. Please, never dig up plants before contacting us, as this could void your warranty.

For more information on how to ensure your trees and shrubs grow strong and healthy, read our Tree & Shrub Planting Guide. 


We offer a 30-day guarantee on all annual flowers, herbs, vegetable starts, and houseplants. Please bring in the plant in question, or take a picture, accompanied by the original purchase receipt, and store credit will be issued for the original purchase amount if the return is being made within 30 days of purchase. 

If you are looking for more information on returns and exchanges, please visit our Returns & Exchanges page.

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