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What Do Plants Symbolize?

Different plants have all sorts of different meanings, purposes, and benefits. We compiled a list of some of our favorites. From physical healing properties to thoughtful reminders, figure out how plants can benefit you in your day-to-day living!

Spider Plant

These plants, known for symbolizing mindfulness and health, are a great reminder to their owner to take care of themselves. Be mindful of your environment, and how it affects you. Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being, and health will follow.

Air Plants

Also known as Tillandsia, these little plants signify freedom and creativity. These little plants make great gifts for anyone living in a small space, or for someone with a personality that thrives with change. Let them be a reminder to be yourself, and express yourself with freedom of creativity!


These miniature trees are a strong symbol of harmony, wisdom, and calm. They are often thought to be good for bringing balance to the life of their owner, teaching patience, and encouraging self-reflection.

Aloe Vera

These very practical plants symbolize healing and protection, likely derived from their actual physical healing properties. Aloe heals and protects by providing moisture for your skin, providing vitamins to help regenerate damaged skin, serving as a natural burn remedy, providing necessary amino acids to build and repair bone and tissue, and more.


These little desert plants stand as a symbol of loyalty and endurance. They make a great gift to say thank you to someone who is a trustworthy and reliable presence. They can also serve as a good reminder to remain strong and endure.

Snake Plant

These plants stand for cleanliness and tenacity. They possess air-purifying qualities, naturally filtering and cleaning the air that we breathe. These low-maintenance plants make great housewarming gifts for this reason and are a great reminder to remain tenacious and determined, even with the day-to-day tasks.


These beautiful and versatile plants serve as a representation of love and appreciation for nature, as well as a symbol of growth. This plant is well fitted for people who love nature and the environment. This plant can also be a great encouragement for those who are experiencing personal growth.

Peace Lily

These luscious houseplants stand for peace and sympathy. They are a good reminder to their owner to slow down, breathe and find peace in the midst of a crazy life. They are also a thoughtful sympathy offering to console someone through a recent loss.


This plant, popular for its bold, distinguishing leaves, stands as a symbol of honor, respect, and longevity. It can serve not only as a beautiful houseplant but also as a reminder of one's family history, values, and background.


Coming in many different shapes and sizes, this type of plant symbolizes abundance and peace. These plants are a great gift for people in leadership positions, symbolizing the unity and success brought about by a leader with strength and integrity.


These prickly little plants are a symbol of protection and endurance and are very fitting for those who are very determined or going through hard times. They serve as a strong reminder to never give up, despite difficulties.


Standing for health, luck, and protection, these tender plants are a good encouragement during transition periods throughout life. They serve as a gentle reminder to do what is good for yourself first, and a bounty will follow.

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