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The Perfect Plants for Valentine's Day

Cut flowers will die quickly and many gifts are often lost or forgotten. However, plants offer a meaningful and symbolic gift that will continue growing and flourishing as a token of your affection. Below are some plant ideas that would make lovely gifts for friends, partners, and family alike!

Syngonium 'Coral Illusion'

The soft and delicate pink color of the leaves of this plant is truly remarkable. The shapes of their leaves even resemble hearts, making them the perfect plant to gift to a friend, family member, or significant other on Valentine's Day!

Pink Aglaonema

The beautiful touch of light pink in these plants, also known as Chinese Evergreens, makes them very appealing to the eye. Not to mention they are thought to bring good fortune!

Aglaonema Siam Aurora

Similar to the Pink Chinese Evergreen, the more vibrant red/pink color of this variety is absolutely stunning, making for a lovely decoration and affectionate reminder.

Euphorbia Milii

This quite unique plant has the most lovely variety of pink-colored blooms, making for a delicate and adorable reminder for years to come.


Standing as a symbol of royalty throughout the ages, this plant is a beautiful reminder to anyone in your life of the Queen that they are!


Gift this plant to anyone as a reminder of their natural, delicate beauty. Hibiscus also stands as a reminder that while outer beauty may fade in time, inner beauty is the true treasure! Shop houseplants online today.


These unique plants have been seen for ages as a "gift from God," and stand as a reminder to anyone on the receiving end of the gift that they are to those around them. Shop bromeliads in-store and online today!


Standing as a symbol of love, fertility, and elegance in various cultures across many different time periods, these exotic flowers are a beautiful symbol of deep love and affection.


These beautifully unique flowers also stand as a symbol of deep love. They represent the sincerity and longevity of true feelings for one another.


These beautiful blooms have many meanings. They symbolize wealth, elegance, and abundance, and are also a sign of feminine beauty and passion.

Mini Roses

Roses have a large variety of meanings depending on their color. From red roses symbolizing love to white roses standing for purity to yellow roses representing the bond of friendship, find the perfect color to convey your message.


These lovely plants signify long-lasting love and friendship and are a sign of a deep and meaningful relationship. Shop anthurium in-store and online today!


This delicate, yet robust plant stands as a symbol of endurance and long-lasting care and affection.

If any of these lovely plants have caught your eye, come into Bath Garden Center in Fort Collins and pick out the perfect plant to tell the special people in your life just how much they mean to you. You can also shop a limited selection of houseplants in our online store! Whether it's a friend, family member, or partner, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to give a special token of how appreciated they are!


Susan Steadle-Phillips
Susan Steadle-Phillips

Wanting to get a Planfolia vanilla orchid. Possible?

Bath Garden Center
Bath Garden Center
7 days ago

Definitely! We often have vanilla orchids available in-store, though inventory may vary over time.

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