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Spring Frost & Freeze Warning!

Temperatures are supposed to drop as low as 22°F for the next 4 days, and there is a blizzard warning for April 10-11th. Make sure you prepare for the cold!!

If you have any questions about protecting your plants, call us at (970)484-5022 or email Mundy at

Plant Protection

Frost cloth is best for any seedlings coming up or annuals you might have planted. We have frost cloth available in our store, so come pick some up!

If possible, bring any potted plants indoors to protect from the cold and heavy snows.

Sprinkler & Home Preparation

Remove garden hoses from outdoor faucets just to be safe. Shut off your indoor water valve that is connected to your sprinkler system. Wrap your vacuum breaker/back flow device in a heavy blanket to keep it warm, and put a trash bag over the blanket to keep it dry. This will help protect your sprinkler system in a short cold snap.

Stay warm this week, and call us with any questions!


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