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Our Favorite Tomato Varieties

It is time to grow tomatoes! Our tomatoes are grown naturally right here in our greenhouses and we have over 50 varieties! Below are a few of our favorites. While supplies last.


Ideal for cooking Mexican food and green salsas. These tall and vigorous plants produce high yields.


Some of the brightest red tomatoes out there! Contains a high level of antioxidants. Classic tomato – great for any dish that needs tomatoes raw or cooked from salads to sauces. Determinate.

Early Girl

4” firm, meaty, flavorful fruits, compact plant, great for patios, large, early yield.

Bush Early Girl

A determinate sister plant to the Early Girl. The tomatoes have the same desirable qualities as Early Girl but is a more compact plant that would be a good choice for a patio. Early, large yields of 4” fruits, firm, meaty and flavorful. The fruit is larger than the Early Girl tomatoes.


One of the best tomatoes for Italian recipes. Vigorous plants, uniform fruits. Large yields. Disease resistant.


An amazing cherry tomato. Fruits are golden-yellow and sugary-sweet. True cherry tomato texture, thin skins and tangy taste. High crack resistance. Heavy, early yield. It is vigorous and cold hardy. Indeterminate.

Supersweet 100

High yields. High in Vitamin C. Bears fruit throughout the season. Indeterminate.


Massive beefsteak tomatoes. Excellent flavor, meaty texture. Largest fruits weigh about 2 pounds.


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