Our Favorite Tomato Varieties

It is time to grow tomatoes! Our tomatoes are grown naturally right here in our greenhouses and we have over 50 varieties! Below are a few of our favorites. While supplies last.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com


Ideal for cooking Mexican food and green salsas. These tall and vigorous plants produce high yields.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com


Some of the brightest red tomatoes out there! Contains a high level of antioxidants. Classic tomato – great for any dish that needs tomatoes raw or cooked from salads to sauces. Determinate.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com

Early Girl

4” firm, meaty, flavorful fruits, compact plant, great for patios, large, early yield.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com

Bush Early Girl

A determinate sister plant to the Early Girl. The tomatoes have the same desirable qualities as Early Girl but is a more compact plant that would be a good choice for a patio. Early, large yields of 4” fruits, firm, meaty and flavorful. The fruit is larger than the Early Girl tomatoes.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com


One of the best tomatoes for Italian recipes. Vigorous plants, uniform fruits. Large yields. Disease resistant.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com


An amazing cherry tomato. Fruits are golden-yellow and sugary-sweet. True cherry tomato texture, thin skins and tangy taste. High crack resistance. Heavy, early yield. It is vigorous and cold hardy. Indeterminate.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com

Supersweet 100

High yields. High in Vitamin C. Bears fruit throughout the season. Indeterminate.

Photo Credit: totallytomato.com


Massive beefsteak tomatoes. Excellent flavor, meaty texture. Largest fruits weigh about 2 pounds.

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