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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are in our future! Luckily, we carry NATURAL mosquito repellents!

Rescue Go Clip Personal Mosquito Repellent:

  • Clip on to chairs or clothes

  • Lasts 6 days based on a 8 hours use per day.

  • DEET-free

  • Safe for children and pets

  • Convenient clip to chairs, clothing and pet collars

  • Nothing to spray or apply to your skin

  • Also repels biting flies and ticks

Rescue Deco Shield Decorative Mosquito Repellent:

  • Intricate, hanging lantern

  • Protects a 300-square-foot area

  • Glows like a lantern

  • Uses all natural essential oils

  • Reusable

  • Pleasant scent

  • Can be hung up or placed on a table

  • Provides up to 4 days of protection

  • Little round disks you place in water

  • Each dunk kills mosquito larvae for 30 days or more

  • Biological Mosquito Control for Organic Production

  • Kills mosquitoes before they are old enough to bite

  • Can be used wherever there is standing water not intended for human consumption including fish habitats, animal water troughs and bird baths

  • Dunks can be cut up and used over time

Mosquito Beater

  • Comes in a bottle that attaches to a hose

  • Treat 5,000 square feet

  • Safe for areas where children and pets play

  • Pleasant scent

  • Quick and easy to apply

  • Biodegradable and natural

  • Immediate results

Plants and Herbs

Peppermint and lemongrass are both plants that repel mosquitoes. Lemongrass contains citronella which is a natural mosquito repellent. Most bugs are repelled by the scent and taste of peppermint. It can be used as a perimeter to keep bugs away and rubbed directly onto your skin. For more plants that help repel mosquitos, check out this blog!


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