How To Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs produce huge blooms, each as big as your hand! They’re very easy to grow, and with a few easy steps, you can make them rebloom each year.

Planting Your Amaryllis Bulbs

Planting and growing your amaryllis bulbs is simple and easy. Follow the instructions below for big, beautiful, and blooming flowers this holiday season!

Pot Size

Plant your amaryllis bulb in a pot that is one or two inches larger in diameter than the bulb. Make sure the pot has drainage holes. Plant a bulb so that the top half of the bulb (the nose) is exposed. Bulbs rot easily in moist conditions, so covering the bulb entirely can encourage rot since it is surrounded by moist soil.


Water the bulb thoroughly after planting, but then do not water again until you begin to see growth or the soil is completed dried out. As your amaryllis grows, water sparingly, keeping the soil only slightly moist. You can always stick your fingers in the soil around the bulb and if it feels completely dry to the touch, this is how you will know it is time to water! As the roots begin to develop and fill the container, the soil will dry out more quickly and you may need to water more frequently. Just remember, too much moisture can cause the bulb to rot!


After the initial planting, put your amaryllis in a warm and sunny spot. This will help encourage the bulb out of dormancy. Amaryllis like the sun and warmth, though they will also grow fine in cooler spots that only receive indirect sun. Just be sure to keep your amaryllis away from cold drafts and hot spots, as this could cause shock to the plant. Rotate the plant every day or two to prevent the stem from leaning toward the light. If the plant gets top-heavy, tie the stem to a bamboo stake for some extra added support.