How and When to Plant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

It’s time to plant fall (spring-blooming) bulbs! Tulips, daffodils, crocus, and others need to be planted in the fall (late September and October is ideal) so they can root during the winter and be ready to burst forth with color in early spring.

Pro tip: For the longest-lasting bulbs, choose bulbs that are marked “naturalizing.” Coordinate bloom times, bloom sizes, and bloom heights to ensure an interesting and colorful spring garden!

Bulbs will do best in full sunlight with a gentle slope for good drainage. Fort Collins soil can be improved with soil amendments from our garden center. Planting depth varies, but a good rule of thumb is three or four times the diameter of the bulb, or approximately six inches deep for larger bulbs and three to four inches deep for smaller bulbs, with the tip of the bulb facing upwards.

Bulbs need extra phosphorus to produce vibrant, colorful flowers. To help with this, in each hole, add a little bulb food like Happy Frog Bulb Food or Bone Meal (Both are available in our store!).

Use bulbs for mass plantings in areas that will be shady later in the spring. An old method for a natural-looking bulb display is to take a handful of bulbs and toss them gently in the air. Where they land is where each bulb should be planted.

Mulching bulbs provides a consistent soil temperature and preserve soil moisture throughout the winter. Cover bulbs with several inches of mulch after planting, then remove and spread about the bed in April.

For more information on how to plant your spring-blooming bulbs, contact us!

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