Harvesting Your Cool Crops Before the First Frost

As the weather begins to cool down and nighttime lows begin to dip, we are all being reminded that the warm weather is making its way out, and cooler weather is moving in! Fall will officially be here in just a couple of weeks, which means you may have to start keeping a closer eye on the weather to make sure you harvest your cool-season crops before the first frost.

chard plants

What are Cool Season Crops?

Cool-season crops are garden vegetables that generally grow better in cooler weather. That being said, cool crops grow best early in the growing season (mid-late March) or late in the growing season (early August). Most cool crops need around 40-70 days to reach maturity, at which time they will be ready to harvest! Sometimes this timeframe comes very close to the average first frost date here in Northern Colorado. The average first frost date here in Colorado generally lands close to the beginning/middle of October, so this is generally a good time to start harvesting some of your cool crops. Some of them will be more sensitive to frost, while some cool crops are hardier and can tolerate a light freeze.

Best Cool-Crops to Plant in Colorado

Many cool crops that are commonly seen in fall gardens throughout northern Colorado include the following:

a bunch of radishes