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Fun Facts About Dracaena Houseplants

Fun Fact #1: The origin of this plant’s name means “Female Dragon”

The name Dracaena comes from the Greek word drakaina, which means female dragon. The Dracaena contains a resin in the stem which was compared to dragons blood due to the red gum-like quality. For many centuries, this was used for dyes, medicine, and even toothpaste. However, modern uses are limited mostly to creating varnish and photo engraving.

Fun Fact #2: Dracaena is related to the Asparagus family

Though the displayed traits may be very different from this favorite summertime veggie, they are indeed under the Family Asparagaceae. The Genus Dracaena is made up of about 40 different species, the most popular being “Song of India.”

Fun Fact #3: Dracaena IS Toxic to Cats and Dogs

This one may not be as fun as the other facts, but important nevertheless!

If eaten, cats and dogs will experience vomiting, overproduction of saliva and lack of appetite. Cats may also have dilated pupils. Make sure you keep your fluffy friends in mind while choosing houseplants, and if you just can’t live without the Dracaena, please make sure you are educated and cautious!

Whenever you have questions about plants, whether it’s keeping your children and animals safe or diagnosing what may be ailing your plant, know you can always turn to Bath Garden Center for the answers! We are conveniently located on the NW corner of Prospect and Timberline, and we are always more than happy to help. Stop by and see us today!


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