Fall Planting: Cool Season Crops

Now is the perfect time to plant your second set of cool crop veggies! In Colorado, planting your cool crops in the fall can work out even better than planting them in the spring because the ground is already thawed and warm which quickens the germination process. If we happen to get a frost before you harvest your second round of veggies, go ahead and cover them with frost cloth. You don’t want the cloth to touch the plants at all. You can use a trash can, for example, to create a tenting structure.

You can plant anything that takes around 60 days or less to mature.

When you purchase your seeds, make sure the variety you choose matures in less than 60 days. Not all varieties of the following veggies mature that quickly.

Veggies to Plant Now:

Peas Radishes

Lettuce Spinach

Little Finger Carrots Kale

Beets Green Beans

Onion Sets

Onion sets: Combine whichever sets of onion bulbs you would like and plant them. Mulch them right before it freezes and you will have onions to harvest in the late spring next year.

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