Blooming Annuals

Blooming annuals are a beautiful addition to any garden, walkway or container. Begonias, Johnny Jump Ups, Violas and Pansies are all edible! Check out some of our featured varieties:


Great for shade baskets and containers, plants do not require deadheading.


Does not require deadheading, requires regular feeding every 2-3 weeks with a high phosphorus fertilizer, long bloomer.


Attracts hummingbirds, exquisite and bright.


You can’t go wrong with this plant! Sun loving, hardy, long lasting blooms, easy to grow.


Good for sun or part shade, complements everything, some varieties trail while others stand up.

New Guinea Impatiens

Great for containers or in the ground, shade loving, large blooms.


Good for sun or shade, great for cool temperatures and cold nights, comes in a ton of different colors.


You cannot go wrong with Petunias, comes in a ton of different colors, can be planted with almost anything else, likes full sun, single or double blooms.


Can withstand hot temperatures, very hardy plant, long lasting blooms.