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Berrylicious – Small Fruiting Plants You Won't Be Able To Resist

Berries have a ton of amazing qualities including acting as an antioxidant and being rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. We have plants available that produce edible berries that can be grown in small plots and containers. Here is a list of a few of our small fruiting plants...

Viking Chokecherry

Upright, deciduous shrub with floss dark green leaves that turn orange/red in fall. White flowers are followed by black berries that attract birds and can be used in making juice and jellies. These shrubs are great for mass plantings or for naturalized areas. Plant in moist, well-draining soil.

Red Fruiting Elderberry

This plant is native to the Rocky Mountains. It is a broad, rounded shrub with green leaves, featuring clusters of white flowers that bloom in June. Its lovely blooms are followed by a striking red fruit. This plant is best planted in an area with full sun to partial shade.

Quinault Strawberry

Ever-bearing, this newer variety produces on un-rooted runners. The fruit produced is sweet and delicious. Quinault strawberries grow well in pots and borders, and the fruit can be ready to eat in as little as five weeks after planting, producing a harvest of two-inch berries from June all the way until the first frost.

Fort Laramie Strawberry

Cold hardy, large yield, bright red, juicy berries. They are quite aromatic and have a honey sweet flavor. With the large yield of this variety, the fruit can be consumed fresh, frozen or processed! These plants are suitable for container growing.

White Delight Nanking Cherry

Tasty, white-colored fruit. This tree produces pale pink or white flowers in early spring. Best planted in full sun!

This plant comes in the form of a rounded shrub, producing fragrant yellow flowers in May. Leaves turn scarlet in the fall for a beautiful display for color. Plant in full sun to partial shade for the best results!

Fall Gold Yellow Raspberry

This ever-bearing variety produces large, golden fruit good for processing and fresh eating. First crop ripens in July, with a second crop usually coming late in August.

Crandall’s Clove Currant

This native shrub has yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. The black fruit is edible and has a wide variety of uses. In the fall season, this plant turns a beautiful orange color, making for a pleasing autumn display!

Shortcake Raspberry

Produces medium-sized fruit that is sweet beyond belief. This thorn-less dwarf variety tends to take on a nice rounded shape. No staking is required, and growth can be anticipated at around 2-3 feet tall and wide.

Bluejay Blueberry

This is an extremely vigorous variety that will grow almost twice as fast as other varieties. It produces a medium sized fruit that has a mild, slightly tart flavor. The fruit of this plant can stay on the bush for long periods without quality loss (just watch out for birds!)

Seedless Concord Blue Grape

Medium to large clusters of large blue-black fruit. This variety of grapes has a sweet tasting flesh and pleasantly tart skin. They are good for table use, jam, juice, pies and wine.

Autumn Magic Chokeberry

This small rounded shrub features glossy, dark green foliage that turns red and purple in the fall. It produces white flowers followed by black fruit. The berries are persistent throughout the winter and will attract birds, so watch out! It is a low-maintenance plant good for mass or border plantings. For best growth, plant in full sun to partial shade.

Niwot Black Raspberry

This variety will produce a bounty to be harvested every season. The crop of large berries with small seeds make for a lovely, fresh treat. This plant will produce throughout the summer and fall months.

Have Any Questions??

Let us know! We are here to help. So if you have any questions about any of these varieties, don't hesitate to reach out! You can also check out our Plant Finder to find the perfect plant for you and your space!


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