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6 Reasons to Plant in the Fall

1. Sales on trees, shrubs and perennials are happening now, so take advantage of discounts and save a little money!

2. Cooler temperatures mean less heat, which means less stress on the plants. This will give them a chance to establish themselves before winter hits.

3. Get excited for your second crop of veggies by planting some cold season crops such as spinach, kale or broccoli. These, as well as several other cold season crops thrive this time of year!

4. Plan for next spring by planting fall bulbs like tulips, daffodils and crocus. You many not get to enjoy them immediately, but you sure will be happy you planted them when spring starts to come around and first signs of green start to show.

5. Plant trees and shrubs such as pear trees, maple trees and burning bushes for a beautiful burst of fall color. The vibrant colors these trees display will be sure to make the fall season everyone's favorite!

6. Plant garlic now for an early spring harvest. Again, though you may not be able to enjoy the harvest right away, you will definitely be glad in the spring when you harvest your very own crop of garlic.


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