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6 Best Gardening Books for Kids

If you have a passion for gardening and it is something you want to be able to pass down to your children, we have a few resources here to help you make it a fun, engaging, and inspiring experience. With technology seemingly taking over all learning techniques these days, the power of a book is underrated and often overlooked. The truth is though, that comprehension, as well as retention of knowledge, is greatly improved by reading actual books in print, versus learning apps on an iPad or digital books. So, to help your children not only learn the value of gardening but also come to appreciate the importance of books, here are a few gardening books for kids!

From Seed to Plant Cover

This book simplifies gardening concepts and addresses things such as the reproductive cycle of plants, how they spread their seeds, the pollination process, how seeds germinate, and so much more. All of these topics are presented in an exciting and intriguing way to help get your children excited to learn more and experiment with planting their own gardens. The bright and colorful illustrations in this book make it fun to look at and help hold the attention of your little gardeners. This book is a great introduction to gardening for elementary-aged kids looking to learn more about seeds, plants, and how things grow.

How a Seed Grows cover

This book is fantastic for helping young gardeners visualize and understand how a seed can transform into a plant that can produce flowers, fruit, vegetables, and even huge plants such as trees. It can be hard to imagine how something so small can turn into something so large, so pretty, or so delicious. How a Seed Grows is ideal for kids ages 4-8, and helps them understand the difference between different seeds and what makes them grow.

gardening lab for kids

This book is a fantastic guide to gardening, incorporating hands-on experiences with the reading. It includes 52 gardening experiments to help your kids learn, grow, and become fascinated with the gardening experience. This in-depth guide for children covers everything from how to read a gardening map to determine the best places to plant, the importance of healthy soil and composting, to important things new gardeners should know about harvesting, eating, cooking, and all other gardening practices and principles. Gardening Lab for Kids is geared towards children of varying ages, and the content is relevant and applicable to at-home gardening.

smithsonian trees leaves flowers and seeds

This wonderful book is full of thousands of wonderfully engaging and helpful images. It includes fascinating facts about gardening and takes the reader on a thrilling journey, exploring all the wonders of plants and how they grow. This gardening book for kids is engaging and interesting, answering questions like how does a cactus store water, what are some of the most deadly flowers, or what is the tallest tree in the world! Examine plants up close in this picture-rich book, and help inspire your young gardeners to love plants and the process of watching them grow!

Planting Rainbow Cover

Following more of a storybook outline, this picture book is about a mother and her daughter and their experiences planting bulbs, seeds, and other young plants in their yard. This mother-daughter duo gets to watch their plants grow into big and beautiful flowers as they nurture them. The bright and colorful collages in this book are enchanting and will help any reader become inspired and excited to grow their own flowers and gardens.

up in the garden and down in the dirt cover

If you are looking for children’s books about gardening, this is another great option! While so much of the focus is often placed on the greens, flowers, or fruit produced by a plant, this book also focuses on what goes on under the surface. As we all know, the key to healthy plants is healthy soil and this book reiterates the importance of this, going into detail on how the ground is alive with worms and bugs and all sorts of other lifeforms. Help your children learn about every aspect of gardening, both above ground and below the surface, with this gardening book for kids!

Looking for Even More Suggestions?

While these are just a few of our favorite reading options for parents who are trying to teach their children about gardening and plants, there are so many other books out there that may be just as engaging and helpful for your impressionable young gardeners. If you are looking for more recommendations, visit our references below, feel free to give us a call, or come into our Garden Center to get our personal recommendations and browse our selection of gardening books. We are always more than thrilled to come alongside you in your efforts to continue the traditions of gardening and help our young ones understand the importance of plants in our world today.

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