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  • Must-Have Pest Control for Organic Gardeners

    Neem oil is a natural way to control aphids, whiteflies, flea beetles, and other small insects. It’s pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree, a fast-growing tree in tropical and subtropical regions If you’re looking for instant gratification, you’re not going to get it with neem oil. For best results, mix neem with warm water and a surfactant (dish soap). Because it’s an oil, do not apply in the hot sun or you may burn the plant.

  • Common Pesticides: Pest Control Products and Their Uses

    Neem Oil Neem oil is offered by a large number of different brands, giving you lots of options. Four of our top recommendations are Monterey Neem Oil, Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract Concentrate, Natria Neem Oil Concentrate, and Bonide Neem Oil. Neem Oil Neem oil, as mentioned above, is a naturally occurring substance that kills insects by coating to curb your infestation with neem oil or insecticidal soap.

  • The Buzz About Bees

    This one seems obvious, but many people do not know that bees are more partial to some plants than others If you are looking to attract more bees to your yard I recommend using more bee-safe products like Neem Oil or Nematodes for insect problems and use a hoe or other garden tool to remove weeds from your garden

  • Growing Tomatoes 101: A Guide on How to Grow Tomatoes

    However, despite their commonality, tomatoes can be particular in their growing needs and can pose some Indeterminate varieties will take up a lot more room and will need much more space than other varieties If the soil is dry to the touch, it needs to be watered. You can also help avoid this by fertilizing regularly, treating your plants with neem oil as a preventative We are here to help you grow better, naturally, so if you need further assistance, never hesitate to

  • Lighting Needs of Houseplants

    To follow up on last week's blog, knowing how much light your plant needs can seem as difficult to determine Some plants love it and need it, while others will shrivel up and die in such conditions. If you have a plant that needs lots of sun or direct light, this means that the rays of the sun need Plants are not quite as black and white as they may seem. Just know, with less growth, your plant will also need much less water.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Composting

    We are going to talk about everything you need to know about how to compost, why composting is good for Most plants need well-draining soil to stay healthy, as waterlogged roots can easily rot and cause the Tools Needed for Composting The beauty of composting is that you really don’t need a lot of tools to more greens or browns added to it, or maybe if it needs a bit more moisture. of common items that you should avoid adding to your compost bin: Meat or fish scraps Dairy Grease/oil

  • Bath Power Equipment IS CLOSED

    for your business, and we regret that Bath Power Equipment Center will not be able to service your needs If you are needing services, please consider using one of these local options: MAC Equipment Location Small Engine Repair 4 Cycle Oils and Lube Timbers for Raised beds JAX Farm and Ranch Location: 1000 N

  • 20 Things You Should Do to Prepare Your Lawn and Landscaping for the Fall/Winter Season

    This is why they need to be planted in the fall. Other Recommended Fall Prep Disconnect Your Garden Hose It might not seem to make that much of a deal of trowels, hand rakes, and other tools can even be placed in a bucket of sand mixed with vegetable oil Sharpen these with a metal file and coat them with a little vegetable oil to prevent rusting so that Be sure to always keep up on oil changes as needed to ensure they stay in good working condition.

  • Low Light Houseplants

    They do not require soil and only need an occasional misting. They really only need water every couple of weeks, largely depending on how much light they get. You will also know your plant needs water if the leaves start to droop. These plants also do not need to be watered often, so just leave them be and it will be fine. materials that off-gas chemicals Toxins that Houseplants Absorb: Benzene – a common solvent found in oils

  • How to Care for Annual Flower Containers

    How often you need to water your containers depends on many factors, including container size, sun/wind A small pot in full sun may need water 2-3 times per day when the weather is really hot, while a medium Generally speaking, most pots will need water at least once a day. They need a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus in a form that the plant can absorb quickly. The whole flowering part of the plant needs to go! Learn more about deadheading in our video.

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