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"Love this place. I now have a lovely birdbath in my yard. Friendly staff and they are helpful too."

- Elizabeth, May 2023

"Bath Garden Center has a huge selection of plants. I always buy more than I planned on buying. I'd like to say I hate them for it... But I actually love their selections! And the staff are friendly and helpful.
Always a great place to go! 😀"

- Abby, May 2023

"This place is wonderful! It has decorations, garden supplies, and plants like you cant imagine. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and it is also dog friendly 🐶 . I will warn you this place can get dangerous the longer you stay in it from the aspect of your wallet it has so much good stuff."

- Nick, April 2023

"Amazing place to walk around and dream up your yard or decorate your house. They have an amazing selection of trees, bushes, and flowers. In addition to those they carry a wide range of accessories to help you take care of your plants and shrubs as well as great decorative pieces of art for that personal touch."

- G. Dunc, October 2022

"Wonderful, knowledgeable employees and beautiful plants both indoors and out."

- Cindy, May 2023

"Bath's warranty on trees is for real and ended up being a great deal for us. Recently back in and guidance was calming, helpful, and kind concerning recent projects."

- Erica, April 2023

"I’ve been here many times to get irrigation supplies. I really appreciate their knowledge, patience, and assistance on the subject. I also like that in their lawn irrigation center, it’s only supplies you might need for your lawn, nothing else."

- C Way, March 2023

"Everyone is so helpful here! I got great advice, free compost tea and my plants repotted for free. The plants are of high quality and all are thriving."

- Rosy, September 2022

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