Pre-Fed Ladybugs

  • 1,500 Tip Top Bio-Control Ladybugs. Ladybugs are a very aggressive beneficial insect during both its larvae and adult stages. Ladybug eggs are normally found in clusters of 10-50 and will begin to hatch in 3-10 days. The alligator shaped larvae are black with orange spots and immediately begin to eat pests. the adult Ladybug will feed and lay eggs for many days. The new generation Repeats this cycle.

  • Ladybugs should be released in the evening, early morning, or when it is cool, as ladybugs will move more slowly during these times. Misting the foliage beforehand may improve performance. With an ample of food and moisture, ladybugs can begin reproducing immediately. Open the container and gently tap the insects onto the base of infested plants. Ladybugs like to climb upwards! Leave the container in the area for 24 hours after the release to allow the ladybugs to exit.