Parsley, Organic (Flat Leaf)

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  • Botanical Interest Brand

    Biennial Full Sun to Part Shade

    Preferred by cooks for its robust flavor, flat-leaved parsley adds a fresh, tantalizing note to omelets, stews, vegetables, and even soft cheeses and rice. The flat leaves are easy to chop. Parsley is one of the most used culinary herbs around the globe; it is also considered to aid digestion. Grow indoors for fresh parsley year-round. This packet sows up to 154 ft. 


  • When to sow outside: Recommended;

    4 - 6 weeks before your average last frost date, or as soon as the soil can be worked; when soil temperature is 50*F - 85*F.

    When to sow inside: 

    6 - 8 weeks before your average last frost date.

    Special germination instructions: 

    Soak Seeds in water for 12 - 24 hours before sowing to aid germination. Seeds germinate in the dark.