Flower Mix (Fairy Meadow)

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  • Botanical Interest Brand

    This charming mix of wildflowers, herbs, and low-growing plants transforms any area into a beautiful flowering meadow that provides nectar and habitat for a wide range of garden sprites.


    • Carpet of Snow Alyssum
    • Baby Blue Eyes
    • Tussock Bellflower
    • Candytuft
    • California Bluebells
    • California Poppy
    • Dwarf Columbine
    • Corn Poppy
    • Creeping Daisy
    • Showy Evening Primrose
    • Alpine Forget-Me-Not
    • Chinese Forget-Me-Not
    • Johnny-Jump-up
    • Swiss Giant Pansy
    • Maiden Pinks
    • Spurred Snapdragon
    • Winter Thyme