Colorado Wildflower Mix

  • Beauty Beyond Belief Brand

    8oz. Bag

    This mixture of annuals, perennials, native and introduced wildflowers is known to grow well in Colorado. Many will bloom the first year.

    Blue flax, perenne appar, bachelor button, perennial lupine, siberian wallflower, scarlet flax, black-eyed susan, plains coreopsis, cosmos, firewheel gaillardia, indian blanket, gaillardia, larkspur, Rocky Mountain penstemon, baby blue eyes, baby's breath, purple coneflower, yellow prairie coneflower, lance-leaved coreopsis, shasta daisy, mexican hot, california orange poppy, mixed shirley poppy, sweet alyssum, mountain garland, catchfly, candytuft, african daisy, sweet william pinks, blue columbine.